Wix Integrates Semrush to Give Users Keyword Information

Wix announced a collaboration with Semrush to give customers access to more SEO tools and keyword information.
SIA Team
September 21, 2022

Semrush and Wix have announced their integration, which will provide Wix users immediate access to Semrush’s SEO keyword data from the dashboard.

According to Wix, users will gain insights from data provided by Semrush that can help them boost search rankings and choose the right keywords to target. Also, it has been said that users can take advantage of this integration without paying an additional fee, however, a premium Semrush membership will provide them with more functionality.

“By leveraging Semrush’s keyword databases and metrics, Wix is giving users the necessary tools to find smart opportunities and improve their ranking on Google. As Organic Search traffic is incredibly valuable, the new integration in Wix can help to grow their businesses,” Marcus Tober, SVP of Enterprise Solutions at Semrush said in their news release.

Wix said that it’s always been their mission to help businesses and search professionals to have one unified platform to grow their site’s visibility in search engines.

“With this integration, we’re taking another notable step in democratizing SEO by enabling our users to conduct better research and choose the right keywords and topics to focus on in their content strategy, right from within their dashboard. We are dedicated to making SEO more accessible to everyone and helping our users to make better decisions that will impact their organic growth,” Wix’s head of SEO Nati Elimelech said.

Meanwhile, all English-speaking Wix users can now access Semrush integration.