Your Analytics: Do You Know What Questions You Should Be Asking?

When it comes to analytics analysis, the right questions are the answer. Do you know which questions to ask?
SIA Team
September 28, 2021

Yesterday (September 27th, 2021), Google’s Analytics Twitter channel had a tweet about open-ended questions.

The tweet linked to Pierre DeBois’ article on, titled How To Ask Good Simple Questions About Your Marketing Analytics.

Start With Open-Ended Questions, and Move to Close-Ended Ones

From reading the article, that’s one thing I picked up: open up the possibilities with open-ended questions. Doing so will hopefully lead to insights. Then, as you explore your insights, you move toward action, and as you move toward action, you ask more closed-ended questions. 

Oh…I should’ve given a bit of a definition. A closed-ended question is one that usually has a simple yes-or-no (or otherwise predefined, limited) answer. 

An open-ended question is one that doesn’t necessarily have a yes-or-no answer, but usually has a multitude of possible answers. 

Particularly in start-ups (and for any business that’s looking for new ways to do something), it helps to start with open-ended questions. 

I just published an article in which I said that it’s great to have the participation of multiple members of your team. Multiple members can bring multiple perspectives to the same piece of data, and hopefully, new insights will emerge. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel