YouTube Analytics Updates for Week Ending 3 Dec 2021

YouTube is working to make YouTube Analytics a bit easier, and with more features.
SIA Team
December 4, 2021

First, there’s a move to put YouTube Analytics in the main page of the creator’s back office. For those who are creating Shorts, this is especially convenient. 

Abhinav, a program manager at YouTube, said:

“By tapping Analytics on the channel’s homepage, creators can now quickly understand their channel performance and growth. The goal is to improve access to channel and review analytics for new creators who are getting started and creating in the YouTube main app.”

The second update is something called mobile parity, which has to do with live chat and concurrent viewers. This one has special appeal to live streamers. 

In a move to try to bring what were, until now, desktop-only metrics to creators’ mobile devices, there are 2 new cards on the mobile video overview for live streams. 

These are for concurrent viewers and live chats during the stream. 

Finally, the third update has to do with a real-time subscribers card on the Shorts Analytics screen. This is supposed to help creators understand how many subscribers they gained from a Short, in real time. 

A Creator can check their subscriber growth per Short, and maybe make content that’s in line with their more popular Shorts.

So, those are the 3 key YouTube Analytics updates for December 3rd, 2021.Source: Creator Insider YouTube channel