YouTube to Remove Dislike Count Number, but May Keep Dislike Button

YouTube says it’s going to remove the dislike counter (and make it private), but keep the dislike button.
SIA Team
November 22, 2021

Why YouTube Is Removing the Dislike Counter

To keep creators safe. 

In a video published on November 10th, 2021, YouTube’s Matt Koval talked about YouTube’s upcoming removal of the number of dislikes that a video receives.

But…Doesn’t the Like-to-Dislike Ratio Help Us, As Viewers?

That’s something that Matt Addressed. But, as he says in the video, after the data was looked at, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. 

An Unfortunate Reality

It’s too bad that someone–an artist, a creator, a satirist, what-have-you–can put something online, and receive unfairly harsh ratings/dislikes, and comments that are not necessarily about the work or the message, but are meant as an attack on the person. 

Personally, This Reminds Me of Something Called Review Bombing

I’m not much of a gamer, but I do recall that when The Last of Us Part II came out, there were many people who gave it unfairly low ratings, likely because they didn’t like some of the supposed political leanings of the game’s content. 

If You Put Stuff Out There, You Should Be Open to Fair Criticism

I think that’s a given. 

For example, I’m typing and going to publish this news item. I should be open to fair criticism about this piece. 

Did I do a good job reporting the facts? 

Have I misunderstood or twisted things that may portray the message (the news) differently? (I hope not.) 

I have to be open to people’s assessment of my work. 

But Then, What About Mean Comments? 

I think that mean, unfair, unconstructive comments can be far more hurtful than simple dislike numbers. 

And since it’s currently (at least to my understanding) hard to algorithmically determine a positive comment from a mean one, would that mean that comments will be gone one day, too, just to keep people safe? 

Source: YouTube blog