Google Is Experimenting With More Local Service Ads In SERPs

Google is experimenting with increasing the number of local service advertisements in search results pages.
SIA Team
August 3, 2022

Google is experimenting with three local service ads per set of search results, rather than two.

The addition of another ad unit has the potential to benefit businesses advertising their services on Google.

Ginny Marvin, Google’s Ads Liaison, confirms the test, stating that the goal is to boost consumer trust in LSAs:

However, it is increasing the prevalence of Google’s LSA spam.Several issues plague local service ads right now, as noted in replies to Marvin’s tweet. Examples include; Advertisements for bogus businesses, advertisements for business profiles with fictitious reviews and Ads for deactivated business profiles

Meanwhile, it is said that Google’s experiment has the opposite effect intended, drawing more attention to the ongoing problem of LSA spam.