Google Tag Manager Tutorial: Track Radio Buttons With GTM

Julius Fedorovicius has released a short Google Tag Manager Tutorial on tracking radio buttons.
SIA Team
December 8, 2021

No too long ago, the Google Analytics Twitter channel had a tweet about a new Google Tag Manager tutorial from Analytics Mania:

That tweet links to this ~20-minute tutorial video:

If you want to get the value of a radio button, then this video’s for you. Julius shows you how to use JavaScript (and links to where you can get some code) to do this. 

Google Tag Manager is one of a number of Google platforms that marketers can use to track their marketing efforts. 

We have a number of articles about these Google platforms. 

Actually, if you’ve ever worked in tech, or with a tech department, you know that before they make any changes, they usually make backups. 

When working with GTM code, it’s good to keep an original, unchanged copy of files that you know worked. 

And then, once you set your radio code, you may want to test Google Tag Manager: How to Test Google Tag Manager: Overview of 3 Methods

When working with Google Tag Manager, privacy may be of concern, which means that this article may be of interest: User Privacy and Google Tag Manager: Something You May Want to Know.

If you liked Julius’ Google Tag Manager tutorial on radio buttons, then this article, which is based on one of his other tutorials, may be of interest: Google Tweets Video on the OR Condition in Google Tag Manager.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel