How to Track an Embedded HubSpot Link W/ Google Tag Manager

A new video reveals how to track an embedded HubSpot link by using Google’s Tag Manager.
SIA Team
December 2, 2021

Tracking an embedded HubSpot link is pretty straightforward, once you have the know-how and the tools. 

Yesterday (November 30th, 2021), Google tweeted about a new video from @fedorovicius

The tweet links to a new video, titled, Track Hubspot Forms with Google Tag Manager, and you can see it below:

At the start of the video, Julius of Analytics Mania promises to show you how to track embedded Hubspot forms using Google Tag Manager (GTM), and then how to send that data to Google Analytics 4. 

One thing I thought was interesting is that, according to Julius, you need a third-party code for this to work.

Thankfully, Julius mentions a site, 3 White Hats, where you can get this code.

You’ll have to watch Julius’ video for the exact, precise step-by-step, but here’s my overview of the steps:

  1. You get the code from 3 White Hats
  2. You then add this code to Google Tag Manager
  3. In Google Tag Manager, enter the URL where your HubSpot form is embedded. 
  4. Go back to your site. Test the form. 
  5. Go back to GTM: was a success recorded (from when you tested the form)?
  6. In GTM, if you have a Google Analytics 4configuration tag, then you jus need to create triggers. (If you have various embedded HubSpot codes, and you want to distinguish one embedded form from the other, you may have to create variables.)
  7. Create a GA4 event tag that will send this to GA4.

Again, those steps are just an overview of how to track an embedded HubSpot link with Google Tag Manager. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel