How to Test Google Tag Manager: Overview of 3 Methods

If you want to learn how to test Google Tag Manager, here are 3 methods for doing so.
SIA Team
December 2, 2021

In order to learn how to test Google Tag Manager, you’ll need to consider a few questions. 

Yesterday (December 1, 2021), the Google Analytics Twitter channel had a tweet that asks 3 of these questions:

The tweet links to an article that Felice Wu wrote for ObservePoint, titled, How to Test Google Tag Manager (3 Techniques)

That article is worth reading, because for the scope that it covers (the 3 methods, or techniques), it’s quite a concise read, so it won’t take up too much of your time. 

What I’m writing here is more of a summary of that article, plus some of my own thoughts on how to use GTM with other tools to get more holistic data. 

Overview of 3 the 3 Methods on How to Test Google Tag Manager

Testing Google Tag Manager (sometimes abbreviated as GTM) can be tricky: like coding, if you get even a single character wrong, your instructions might not be executed properly. 

For each tag you test, the 3 questions in the tweet above are good to consider. 

And this brings us to the 3 methods: 

  1. Using developer tools
  2. The tag debugger
  3. Automated auditing

For more details, do refer to How to Test Google Tag Manager (3 Techniques).

With that, I’d like to offer a few other GTM-related articles to add to your reading library. 

Privacy compliance can make or break a business: User Privacy and Google Tag Manager: Something You May Want to Know

Do you know about the OR condition in GTM? Google Tweets Video on the OR Condition in Google Tag Manager.

If you use HubSpot, did you know that you can track an embedded HubSpot form with GTM? Yes, you can, although with the method spoken of there, you need a 3rd-party code (which you should be able to get for free): How to Track an Embedded HubSpot Link W/ Google Tag Manager.

I hope his article has been a good overview of a few techniques you can use to learn how to test Google Tag Manager.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel