How to Use Pinterest to Drive Sales: 5 Tips From B.I.

If you want to use Pinterest to drive sales, Business Insider has 5 tips from a Pinterest executive.
SIA Team
December 7, 2021

You may know that you can use Pinterest to drive sales, but how? 

What are the best ways to do this? 

Well, while every business model has to have a marketing plan to match it and it’s audience, you can probably benefit from the 5 sales-driving tips listed here.

Pinterest Business has a Twitter channel called Pinterest Business, and a few days ago (December 3rd, 2021), they tweeted this:

That tweet linked to this article: 5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Boost Your Holiday Sales, According to a Company Insider.

The second paragraph of that article makes a very interesting statement (and I paraphrase): Pinterest pins can last for years, whereas posts on platforms may only last for days and months. 

That is, even years after a pin is made, potential customers may still find it. 

5 Sales-Boosting Pinterest Tips You Can Use to Drive Sales

The article featured Pinterest’s head of mid-market and small business sales, Bill Watkins. 

He gave 5 tips:

  1. Become a verified merchant

Become a verified merchant so that your items become “shoppable.”

  1. Share visually-captivating images

This one’s obvious, as Pinterest is an image-oriented platform.

  1. Highlight fresh perspectives

This has to do with uniqueness and standing out, since that tends to draw attention. 

  1. Use Merchant Details to share company values

This one’s interesting. I’m sure you know that shoppers care about whether a brand supports a certain ideal, value, movement, such as “responsibly sourced,” or ‘women-owned’. Well, you can do that with Pinterest, using the merchant details tool.

  1. Join Pinterest’s small business programs

Pinterest’s small business programs provide workshops to help businesses grow.

In addition to these 5 tips, I’d like to offer a few articles that we, at SEO Intel, have for you. 

Perhaps the other article we have that’s most similar to this one is “How Can Businesses Use Pinterest?” 3 Insights From Pinterest’s Global Head of Marketing.

At the time I’m writing this, it’s December 7th, 2021, but regardless of the holiday or year, I think this article has some principles that will always apply: Pinterest Marketing 2021: Pinterest Launches 1-Page Holiday Guide for Businesses.

If you’re a solopreneur who would like some inspiration, I believe you’ll find that, and a few tips, here: Google Interviews Kelly Ballard: Millions of Monthly Views on Pinterest.

So, if you want to know how to drive sales on Pinterest, the 5 tips mentioned above will help solidify your presence, which can have both direct and indirect impacts on your sales growth.

Source: Pinterest Business