Pinterest Acquires Vochi, Moves Toward Video Inclusion

Pinterest’s acquisition of Vochi, which is a video creation platform, takes Pinterest toward video inclusion.
SIA Team
December 7, 2021

What does Pinterest’s acquisition of Vouchi mean? 

Will content creators–particularly video creators–soon see pinterest as another platform for them to place their content?

When you think of Pinterest, what comes to mind?

Images, right? Still images. 

Well, that may soon change–in fact, it has already begun to change.

That tweet links to a post, titled Pinterest Acquires Vochi, a Video Creation and Editing App.

In that article, Pinerest says that they want to expand the range of content-creation tools that are available to its users. 

So now (or very soon), you’ll be able to create videos for Pinterest. (I think people were able to before, now, the ability is far more available to more creators.)

So, this leaves us with some questions:

Will Pinterest have something like YouTube Shorts or TikTok? 

Will Pinterest videos have a time limit?

Will e-tailers be able to hold livestreams where they can share their products?

Regardless of what the answers are, I think that this will be a great opportunity for marketers to show their products.

Let’s suppose that you have a make-up line, and you want to use Pinterest to drive sales. You can make a tutorial video showing others how to use your products. Of course, potential prospects will hopefully see your video (and others). 

And, if there’s something unique about your product or offer, why not show it off in a Pinterest video?

Now that Pinterest has acquired Vochi, it’s now (or soon to be) possible to create captivating videos to put on Pinterest. 

Source: Pinterest Newsroom