Machine Learning, Communications, and Pinterest Safety

Pinterest’s engineering team is using machine learning and AI to ensure positive communications among its users.
SIA Team
December 8, 2021

When it comes to machine learning and communications, Pinterest has taken a step to ensure that it’s a positive platform. 

That tweet links to an article titled, How Pinterest Powers a Healthy Comment Ecosystem With Machine Learning.

Machine learning solutions were introduced in March. These solutions were aimed at detecting ‘policy-violating’ comments before they were reported. Since then, Pinterest has seen a 53% decline in report rates. 

The article goes on to show, briefly, an overview of how Pinterest did this. 

Switching to a slightly different topic, Pinterest is, in my opinion, one of the more underused social media giants of the digital marketing world.

Actually, in a marketing context, to say that Pinterest is a ‘social media’ site is a bit limiting. Yes, it is a social media site, but it’s not just that: it’s also a product search engine. 

Yes, it is, and if you didn’t know that, I hope a light bulb has turned on for you. 

You can sign up as a verified merchant and use these 5 tips to increase sales.

And if you’re a video creator, you’ll soon be able to share your videos on Pinterest. (News: Pinterest recently acquired video creation app Vochi.

So, if you want to market on a positive platform, one that uses machine learning and AI, Pinterest is one to consider. 

Source: Pinterest Engineering