New Search Console URL Inspection Tool API

Google announces outside apps can interact with Google’s search console and provide URL inspection data.
SIA Team
January 31, 2022

Today Google announced it is releasing the new Google Search Console URL Inspection API.

The API gives programmatic access to URL-level data for properties you manage in Search Console.

External products and apps can now access data outside of Search Console, through external applications and products.

The new URL Inspection API gives devs a new tool to debug and optimize their pages.

Screaming Frog and WordPress Connection

Tools like Screaming Frog can use the APIs to connect with Google Search Console to discover insights.

The data available will be position, clicks, impressions, and CTR. The API can also be used to discover new URLs for crawling and adding orphaned URLs to site audit reports.

To connect Screaming Frog to Search Console, go to the Configuration tab then API > Google Search Console.

WordPress plugins can also access Search Console securely through the API.

Using the URL Inspection tool, you are able to request the data Search Console has about the indexed version of a URL.

There Is A Usage Quota

Google has placed 2,000 total queries per day and a speed limit of 600 queries per minute usage quota.

The new URL Inspection Tool API opens up new ways to track your SEO efforts and easily identify any issues.

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