People Search Next: New Addition to Google Mobile Search Features

Google has just added "People Search Next" as a new addition to Google Mobile Search features, joining Related searches, People also ask, People also search for, etc.
Marie Aquino
January 28, 2022

People search next is a newly added Google mobile search feature, in addition to People also ask, Related searches, People also search for, and Refine search.

According to Google, the feature is meant to help people easily get to and see popular searches based on what they have searched for. The People search for next feature box seems to be appearing above related searches.

Early discoverers of the new feature noticed that the People search next seems to be showing up for “near me” keyword types of searches.

Google has confirmed though that it is not limited to just near me or local searches, and that they have applied it to those that they think will be helpful for the searchers’ next query.

As of this time, it is only available in US mobile search, for English language queries, though it would probably roll out in other locations soon.

Looks like it is another feature that is set to keep people on Google longer, and less on clicking on actual SERP results that leads to sites.

On the upside, it may be another source for keyword research and content ideas.