What To Do When You Are Out Of Content Ideas

Out of content ideas and looking for which video topic or content topic to do next? Leverage data to look for your next content.
Marie Aquino
January 28, 2022

In the latest video of Creator Insider, which is an informal YouTube channel where the YouTube Creator Technical Team shares information and ideas to content creators, the topic was all about how to use data to decide what video to make next.

It is targeted towards those that are running out of ideas on what their next content could be, and how to decide when choosing content.

While the video is targeted towards video content, it is also very helpful when coming up with any type of content, in general.

According to the video, the first thing to look at when deciding what content to create is to look at the demand, in SEO terms that would be keyword research and checking for search volume.

Is there a demand or is there already a desire for this particular type of content?

Knowing the demand for the content helps set expectations on the performance of the content, and the size of the potential audience. You can take a look at the competitors for this particular content – are there already videos that exist that people are already watching, or in our case, what type of results show up in the SERPs?

With regards to tools to help with content ideas, if you are in the video content creation space, there is YouTube Trends, and there is also Google Trends for other types of content that are currently popular.

Next is to understand the audience that you are targeting, what do the viewers or visitors love or enjoy? What are they searching for? In this part, you try to understand how to tailor your content for specific people. Analytics is your best bet when it comes to this type of data. There is YouTube Analytics for videos and Google Analytics for sites.

Understanding your audience helps you come up with what particular type of content to create.

The next thing to understand is your competition – what content is already out there, what content gaps can you take advantage of, and what can you do to make things different or better than your competitors. When it comes to videos, being different is definitely something that would help you stand out and get people to watch your content.

When it comes to search, however, being different might not get you to the top. Instead, looking at your competitors that are ranking, creating similar content to those that are already up there, and surpassing and creating content better than what is already around, is something that could get you ranked better.

It’s a great video on coming up with content ideas and is applicable not only for video content but content, in general. Check out the video at:

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