To Boost Google Search Visibility, Vimeo Adds Structured Data To All Public Videos

These adjustments should improve the visibility of videos users publish to Vimeo in Google's search results.
SIA Team
May 18, 2022

Vimeo, a major video hosting platform, has incorporated structured data into all of its publicly accessible videos. The SEO tweaks Vimeo made to the videos will provide “your videos the best chance to appear for relevant searches,” according to Vimeo.

Vimeo said hat they collaborated with Google as an “early adopter of Google Search’s best practices for video players” to provide Google with “additional context about your videos,” which will allow Vimeo to surface those videos in Google search and take advantage of the video-rich results, such as displaying key moments for videos in Google Search by adding chapters and timestamps to video structured data.

The video best practices are not limited to Vimeo or “early adopters,” as Google has released them online for anybody who hosts films to read and implement on their websites or platforms.

The video best practices include the following; assist google in finding your videos, make sure your videos are searchable, allow google to download your video files, specific video features can be enabled, as needed, remove, restrict, or update your videos.